3rd Annual New York Talent Contest

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The 3rd Annual NEW YORK TALENT CONTEST 2011 (NYTC 2011) is hosted by NYTV8.com and produced by 8 Production. NYTC is the first integrated talent competition aims at fostering and encouraging all multi-cultural talented. Not only the first-ever combination of bilingual local community event and TV program, NYTC is also a stage and media network for contestants to show their talent techniques. NYTC is opened to contestants who have one or multiple talents such as singing, dancing, martial arts, magic, comical skits, etc. NYTC 2011 will be broadcasted through NYTV8.com – with worldwide audience over 24 countries, Charming China – IPTV serving over 700,000 audiences, and social media networks like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. This year, NYTC 2011 continues to serve the community and to enlarge the competition into NYC’s feature event.

Winners will have the opportunity to participate in NYTV8’s TV programs or become contracted artists: NYTC 2009 Champion Aaron Huang is now a contracted singer in SONY Music; NYTC 2010 Champion Belinda Wang won an audition at China’s famous Bien Liu Nian production Company; 2009 NYTC Finalist Diana Hsu hosted and performed at “Why Voting Is Important” Event in Columbia University; 2009 Finalist Michelle Kaszuba is now the TV host in NYTV8; 2009 Finalist Michelle Wang participates in Broadway Musical Performance; 2009 Finalist Young Luo entered “Million Star” Season 6 in Taiwan and performed in TV Series in China. 2010 Finalist Reni Mimura is now a famous Japanese Cosplay idol in NYC; Lulla Miyuki Band is a famous Manhattan Pub music band.

Judging Criteria

Judges will score base on the following criteria: Variety of Talents, Audience Affection, Talent Technique, Visual Value, Integrity, impression and the possibility of receiving contract offers from agent companies, and Online Voting Results (please refer to the Internet Voting Area on www.nytv8.com).


Eligibility and Rules

Deadline for Submitting Applications is on July 9, 2011 at 12:00pm

Application Fee and payment method

* All Fees are non-refundable.

How to Submit Your Application

Competition Schedule

Audition is on 7/9Location: SkyViewCenter, Flushing;
Audition is on 7/16 Location: Pending;
Semi-Final is on 7/30Location: SkyViewCenter, Flushing
Final is in August Location: NYC;

Materials Submissions

I. Competition Material:

II. Reminders for Contestants:

Legal disclaimer:

All applicants agree and understand that any and all physical materials, ideas, plans, emails, graphics, images, and other such materials submitted to this contest will become the exclusive property of NYTV8.com and release all copyrights to NYTV8.com. No submissions will be returned unless explicitly agreed to by the organizer in writing. Please send in a copy and not the originals to our office. NYTV8.com may use submitted material for any purpose deemed suitable. NYTV8.com is not responsible for typographical errors. Contest details may change from time to time, and will be announced on NYTV8.com’s website. Although NYTV8.com will make every effer to update the contest rules as they are approved, contest rules will become binding upon approval by the the organizer even if there are no updates to the website. Please check NYTV8.com for the competition’s latest updates. Applicants’ approval are subject to additional agreements.


Make sure to bring photo identification to ALL rounds. If you do not have a photo ID, please email info@nytv8.com with your contact number call to discuss what substitutions, such parental consent, or other valid documents can be submitted/accepted.